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Ref-N-Write Academic Writing Tool

Ref-n-Write Academic Writing Tool

Ref-n-Write Academic Writing Tool

Improve Academic English Writing Skills

  • REF-n-WRITE is a Microsoft Word Add-in which works on Windows, Mac and Online Office.
  • Used by over 100,000 students, postdocs and academics worldwide.
  • Drag and drop your reference materials related to your research paper or thesis. Search through the documents within Microsoft Word to...
  • Check your writing for plagiarism.
  • Improve your academic writing style using 20,000 academic sentence templates and phrases.
  • Get writing ideas by looking up and learning from peer documents.

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  • (i) Real-Time Cross-Referencing

    One of the indispensable parts of writing an essay or paper is cross-referencing previous papers. Ref-N-Write performs search and consolidates similar arguments and statements made in reference materials in real-time.

    Drag and drop your reference materials related to your research paper or thesis.

    Ref-N-Write Searching Reference Materials

    (i) Plagiarism Checker

      Plagiarism occurs when one uses a chunk of text from published documents that don’t belong to the writer and doesn’t cite or acknowledge the source.

      Self-plagiarism occurs when the writer decides to reuse a piece of text from his own document that he has published previously as it is without rewording or rephrasing the text.

    Writers can use REF-N-WRITE’s similarity checker tool to avoid both plagiarism and self-plagiarism during the writing process rather than after writing.

    The figure below shows a screenshot from the REF-N-WRITE tool illustrating a lot of highlighted text which is a plagiarism risk.

    Ref-N-Write self plagiarism check

    Now we know that our text has significant overlap with other documents, it is time to address the issue. You must reword and rephrase the text to reduce the overlap. REF-N-WRITE’s scholarly paraphrasing tool and academic phrasebank will help you rewrite your text.

    (iii) Writing Tools

    The REF-N-WRITE team has painstakingly created a phrasebank of 20,000 academic writing phrases for use by students and researchers writing research papers.

    These academic phrases were extracted from high-quality scientific journal articles by a team of academic experts.

    The various categories available within the academic phrasebank is illustrated below in the following figure.

    Ref-N-Write Academic Phrasebank

    You can search the academic phrasebank for writing themes and ideas by simply selecting a piece of text in MS Word and then clicking the ‘Writing Ideas’ button.

    The tool will perform an analysis on the selected text and bring up relevant categories from the academic phrasebank

    Ref-N-Write Writing Ideas

    The scholarly paraphrasing tool allows users to search for rephrasing ideas from the phrase library. Since the academic phrases have been extracted from peer-reviewed published scientific papers and journals, the students will get a feel for the sort of language they are required to use in their essays and papers.

    Since the academic phrases are all generic in nature, they can readily use the phrases in their essays and papers without running into plagiarism issues.

    Ref-N-Write Scholarly Paraphrasing Tool

    REF-N-WRITE tool offers word replacement suggestions by looking up for word usage statistics in previous high-quality scientific documents.

    A screenshot from the REF-N-WRITE tool with word replacement suggestions is shown in the figure below. It can be noted that the replacement words are color-coded based on their frequency of occurrence in published scientific journals.

    Ref-N-Write word replacement suggestions

    Simply Psychology visiors receive 10% promotional discount

  • One off payment.
  • You also get yearly updates for free.

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