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Olivia-Guy-Evans, MSc


Writer, Editor

Interests  Psychology, Educational Psychology, Neuroscience, Mental Health, Social Psychology

Education University of Bristol, Edge Hill University

You can contact Olivia via Linkedin.


Olivia has worked as a writer and associate editor for Simply Psychology since 2020 and has written many articles, primarily in the fields of neuroscience and mental health. Her work has been internationally cited in academic papers, her most cited being the article titled Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory.

Aside from writing, Olivia has worked in the health and social care industry with adults who have learning disabilities and mental health conditions. Olivia worked in this industry since 2016, including taking on senior positions in this field.


Olivia has a Master of Science degree in Psychology of Education with distinction, from the University of Bristol. Her dissertation explored how schools can promote mental health and well-being through Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE).

She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Educational Psychology with first class honours, from Edge Hill University. Her dissertation investigated how the personality of a learner can contribute to their potential to be intrinsically motivated.

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